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Thank You, Ward 5!!

It’s with great humility to say that I’ve earned from you, the voters of Ward 5, the privilege to serve as your newest Councilman for the next four years! After knocking thousands of doors I’ve heard with unmistakable clarity the need to mitigate rising property taxes, and forward solutions to deal with our homelessness and housing affordability situation. I look forward to being your voice on these issues, and others.

To those who didn’t vote for me – let me say that I don’t pretend to be all-knowing, or that I alone have the answers to our pressing issues at hand. It would be foolish to think this. I will go to Council to continue to listen, and remain open-minded. I will be but one voice of 12, and it’s right that we should all bring something of a unique perspective to the table. I look forward to doing so as well…

A BIG thanks as well to all my supporters, friends, volunteers and family who were there with me for this journey. Last but not least, a huge thanks to my biggest supporter, advisor – my “campaign manager” – my wife, Tiana! Love you to the moon and back!

Come 2024 – Let’s Get To Work!!

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